2023-09-03 . Tech .
Debian 12 with LUKS, BTRFS, and subvolumes

Debian is one of my favorite distributions. The installer leaves a little to be desired with setting up BTRFS and LUKS. This tutorial is designed to walk you through the steps of setting up LUKS and BTRFS with subvolumes.


For this part you will need Debian installation medium. The process is pretty simple but you will use the expert Install instread of the normal install.

  • Boot with your install media
  • At prompt choose Advanced options
  • Choose Expert install

This will launch the text based Debian installer.


2023-09-03 . Tech .
Debian 12 with LUKS and Fido2

LUKS is a great way to keep your data safe when it is at rest. I was seeking a way to keep my data safe and make it convienent to do so. If you have a yubikey 5 series or later this can be done with fido2. This tutorial will show the process I used to set this up. In my case the drive I am useing for this is nvme0n1p. You will need to substitue that as needed.


I recommend doing some backups. Before you get started. You...

2023-04-02 . Tech .
Getting Started With Cloud Init On Proxmox

I have been installing lots of virtual machines lately. Until now that has been a problematic. I want to steamline the process of creating new virtual machines. To solve much of the initial setup I am going to start using virtual machine templates with cloud-init. This will allow virtual machines to be spun up much quicker with updates automatically ran. This blog is going to server as an outline and tutorial of this process.

I use Fedora primarily for my servers so this tutorial will be based on Fedora 37 but should be easily adapted to...

2023-03-31 . Tech .
First Mechanical keyboard built

This was my first actual keyboard build. I absolutely love this keyboard. I use it everyday and actually care it back and forth between home and work. I had an old action camera case that is hard shell. This allows me to protect the keyboard while in transit.

More detailed info about the build can be found in my github repos. The first repo outlines the build and firmware for the keyboard. The second repo is a custom version of the ZMK firmware. It has a few fixes specifically for...

2023-01-22 . Tech .
Start of Mechanical Keyboard Journey

I honestly never thought much about the keyboard I use. I have long been a fan of ergonomic keyboards. My hands tend to relax more and get less fatigued when using the. I up until have used cheaper membrane keyboards. However, several people I work with use mechanical kebyards and swear buy them. This led me to believe I wanted to try one.

With my recent idea of wanting to try one, and with an upcoming certifcation test that required I have a wired keyboard, I thought this was the perfect...

2023-01-08 . Education .
Redhat EX200

I have been working in linux systems for many years. Most my experience has been with debian based distro’s until my current position. I have spent about the last year and a half working with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. There are differecnes between distrubtions but for the most part the basics are the same. I devied to get my Red Hat certification(s).

I went throug the Red Hat courses RH124 and RH134. I probalby could have done the single course RH199. The courses I took were well layed...

2023-01-04 . Tech .
Github pages and https

I have been using github to host my website for sometime now. I did not have it enabled for https due to the complications of setting this up. This will go through the complications of setting up https with a custom domain. I went to Enforce https and I reveceived the messge “Unavailable for your site because your domain is not properly configured to support HTTPS”. So in researching the problem I found several problems that kept me from enabling https on the domain.

The first problem I encounted was my...

2022-12-31 . Education .
Completing My Masters

College has been a long journey for me. I started college right after highschool. I attended for roughly a year. At that time I stopped going and decided college was not for me. I continued working and trying to break into the IT field. I completed several computer certifications, and eventually landed my first IT job.

I worked for Shaw Industries for about 10 years. I help several positions at Shaw growing my career. After 10 years Shaw layed me off (as well as many others). I had difficulty finding a job...

2022-12-30 . SiteNews .
Redoing the site again

Considering I never done anything with the site the last time I redid it, why am I redoing it again? Well alot has changed since then. Many life changes. I plan to use this more. I have much I would like to write about so I have revamped everything.

I look forward todating this and keeping things updated. I have plenty of education things I would like to write on. I also am wanting to write some about motorcycles and family. Stay tune!

2017-04-24 . SiteNews .
New Site and blog!

I am scrapped my oldsite and started this new site. This has actually been up awhile; however, I am just now doing something with it. Stay tuned for future posts.