2023-01-22 . Tech .
Start of Mechanical Keyboard Journey

I honestly never thought much about the keyboard I use. I have long been a fan of ergonomic keyboards. My hands tend to relax more and get less fatigued when using the. I up until have used cheaper membrane keyboards. However, several people I work with use mechanical kebyards and swear buy them. This led me to believe I wanted to try one.

With my recent idea of wanting to try one, and with an upcoming certifcation test that required I have a wired keyboard, I thought this was the perfect...

2023-01-08 . Education .
Redhat EX200

I have been working in linux systems for many years. Most my experience has been with debian based distro’s until my current position. I have spent about the last year and a half working with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. There are differecnes between distrubtions but for the most part the basics are the same. I devied to get my Red Hat certification(s).

I went throug the Red Hat courses RH124 and RH134. I probalby could have done the single course RH199. The courses I took were well layed...

2023-01-04 . Tech .
Github pages and https

I have been using github to host my website for sometime now. I did not have it enabled for https due to the complications of setting this up. This will go through the complications of setting up https with a custom domain. I went to Enforce https and I reveceived the messge “Unavailable for your site because your domain is not properly configured to support HTTPS”. So in researching the problem I found several problems that kept me from enabling https on the domain.

The first problem I encounted was my...

2022-12-31 . Education .
Completing My Masters

College has been a long journey for me. I started college right after highschool. I attended for roughly a year. At that time I stopped going and decided college was not for me. I continued working and trying to break into the IT field. I completed several computer certifications, and eventually landed my first IT job.

I worked for Shaw Industries for about 10 years. I help several positions at Shaw growing my career. After 10 years Shaw layed me off (as well as many others). I had difficulty finding a job...

2022-12-30 . SiteNews .
Redoing the site again

Considering I never done anything with the site the last time I redid it, why am I redoing it again? Well alot has changed since then. Many life changes. I plan to use this more. I have much I would like to write about so I have revamped everything.

I look forward todating this and keeping things updated. I have plenty of education things I would like to write on. I also am wanting to write some about motorcycles and family. Stay tune!

2017-04-24 . SiteNews .
New Site and blog!

I am scrapped my oldsite and started this new site. This has actually been up awhile; however, I am just now doing something with it. Stay tuned for future posts.