Completing My Masters

2022-12-31 . category: Education . Comments
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College has been a long journey for me. I started college right after highschool. I attended for roughly a year. At that time I stopped going and decided college was not for me. I continued working and trying to break into the IT field. I completed several computer certifications, and eventually landed my first IT job.

I worked for Shaw Industries for about 10 years. I help several positions at Shaw growing my career. After 10 years Shaw layed me off (as well as many others). I had difficulty finding a job at that time. Everywhere I went they wanted a college degree. I deviced to go back to school. This was going to be a difficult task though, as I had a family now. I needed something that was going to be flexible with my schedule. I eventually chose an online school, American Public University.

My undergraduate work I thought was rather easy. This is probably due to having so much experience in the field already. I completed my bachelor’s degree in about two and a half years. This seemed to allieviate alot of the problems I had finding a job. During this process I also found out I did not mind school as much as I had previously. The online method of school works out much better for me than a traditional brick and morter school.

At this point I decieded to continue on to get a masters degree. I orignally enrolled at Georgia Tech. I had a great time there though it was short. I had personal things that came up in life that did not allow me to concentrate on my school work. After things setteled down in life I reenrolled at American Public Unviversity. I discovered that this work was not as easy as my undergrad school work. I had to write many more and much longer papers. I made it my capstone class. I did not complete my capstone class on my first attempt. Completing a capton thesis or project is a very time consuming task, and I was a little burnt out on school. I took about a year off, and then made my second attempt at this class. I did not find this class any easier this time around, but I had a fresh mind going into it. I did get frustrated at times, but the class is now complete. I have now completed everything needed for my degree. I am just waiting on the University on conferral of the degree.

I have to say to those that are thinking about going for the degree good luck and stay determined.

As or right now I am not looking to go for a doctorate degree. I may change my mind later. This is not the end of my learning though. I am planning to continue on with computer certifications. I am also entertaining the idea of becoming a college professor.


Mitch Tuck is a technologist. He has worked in various areas around technology. He has worked as both a developer and infrastructure on networks and servers. He enjoys technology in almost all forms.