Github pages and https

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I have been using github to host my website for sometime now. I did not have it enabled for https due to the complications of setting this up. This will go through the complications of setting up https with a custom domain. I went to Enforce https and I reveceived the messge “Unavailable for your site because your domain is not properly configured to support HTTPS”. So in researching the problem I found several problems that kept me from enabling https on the domain.

The first problem I encounted was my dns a, aaaa, and cname records were not setup correctly. A records should be set to


AAAA records should be set to

  • 2606:50c0:8000::153
  • 2606:50c0:8001::153
  • 2606:50c0:8002::153
  • 2606:50c0:8003::153

CNAME records should point to either @ or

That tackles the first hurdle. The 2nd hurdle was getting the ssl certificate generated. I was getting an invalid certificate when navigating to my domain. The solution to this was to add a CAA record to my domain. This record should point to

All information for this was pulled from this article.


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