Buying a house after bankrupcty and forclosure

After the long and trying wait after foreclosure and bankruptcy, we have finally bought a house. I have been wanting to write this post for sometime to help those who might be in a similiar situation. The simple fact is the process should not be that hard but it is. The biggest problem is you don’t get all the information up front. I hope this post will help you get all the information you need. This is not all inclusive. This is just my story. and what I needed. They way you typically get all the information is one piece at a time. You get that taken care of over the 3 months that it takes, and then they give you another piece of information that takes 3 months to clear up. Continue reading Buying a house after bankrupcty and forclosure

Moving to GitHub Pages

I moved my blog over to github pages for a couple of reasons. First its free hosting. I don’t have to worry about paying for a server each month. Nor do I have to worry about managing a server.

Second I like the idea of managing my blog via a git repository. I can make minor edits of a post and have a history of the posts made. I have built in revisions of mysite. I don’t have to worry about a database either its all configured by files.

Last I wanted to play with Jekyll. Jekyll is a static site generator. When ever I create a new page or change content or theme the site gets regenerated. You are being served a static file that is not rendered on every page request, but the site can still have a dynamic feel.

So far I am liking the transition.

Getting back into amateur radio!

I am a ham; however, I have not been active in the hobby for about 5 years.  I sold off all my radio’s and equipment except for my HT(handie talkie).  I have been looking into radio’s to purchase and there are all kinds of options .  I am really liking the idea of an SDR radio.  The SDR radio’s seem to have all kinds of features but they come with a hefty price tag for one that will output at 100w.  Some of the SDR radios can bring in the whole amateur radio spectrum at once.  Some will let you have up to 8 receivers at once.   I can get a solid state transceiver for less but I am not sure im gonna be happy with one of the bottom dollar solid state receivers.  Plus I have extensive knowledge with computers.  I am really interested in the flex 6k series.  Another option would be cheaper except there is no antenna tuner option internal is a hermes board or anan-100 from apache-labs.   The anan is not much cheaper than the flex 6500 but I think the hermes anan-100 has more features at that level.  Its still a ways off till I make an HF rig purchase.  We are in the processing of buying some land and building a house.

Matters of Life and Death

Wednesday around 2 am my wife woke me up because Mason wasn’t feeling good and running a temperature. I checked his temperature(103.8). We quickly decided he needed to go to the hospital. I got dressed and gave him some Tylenol. I decided to take him to the local hospital (5 minutes away) instead of TC Thompsons (a childrens specialty hospital 30 minutes away).

We arrived at hospital and didn’t have to wait long before they took us back. About 30 minutes had passed since he had Tylenol, and his temperature was still 103.8. After a few minutes they gave him some Motrin to try and get his temperature down. They also started running tests (rsv, flu, strep, and xray to check for pneumonia). All the tests came back negative. Now they decided to do some blood tests and collect a urine sample. They gave him a strong antibiotic (Rocephin). They checked his temperature again (its under 100). The doctor gave instructions to follow up with our pediatrician that afternoon or the next day. Continue reading Matters of Life and Death

Denial of Autism

My wife for the longest time suspected my middle son (Mason) of having something wrong, and like most dads I said there was nothing wrong with him.

First she thought he was deaf. At 18 months he didn’t respond to his name. He didn’t pay attention to most noises. You could clap right behind him or yell, and he would not pay you any attention. So we took him for a hearing test. The test came back normal. Continue reading Denial of Autism

The Pirate Party

The world is ready for change!  There are different movements staring up around the world. People are tired of getting the same thing from their governments.  The Pirate Party while not new itself is fairly new to Georgia and The United States.  What is The Pirate Party?  Today I want to talk about the three planks (core values), The Pirate Party in The United States and Georgia, and The Pirate Party around the world.

Continue reading The Pirate Party

Encrypt your Gmail

Email has become a daily tool in most of our lives.  The problem is email is really open.  Someone can pretend to be you, and send an email as you.  Others can read your email as its being sent.  Whats the solution encryption and/or signing your email.  Encrypting your email in Gmail is not that easy it would require lots of copy and pasting.  Today we are gonna setup a few tools that will make this much easier for you.

Continue reading Encrypt your Gmail

The Hunger Games

This is an excellent series.  I couldn’t wait to turn the page, and see what was going to happen next.  The series is set after the world has all but destroyed itself.  The county of Panem has come into existence.  Panem is made up of the Capital and 12 districts(at one time there was 13 districts).  The capital treats the other districts as slave labor.  The districts rebel 74 years ago.  Because the districts rebelled there is a competition called The Hunger Games.  The Hunger Games is a fight to the death.  The competitors are chosen from the districts(the capital is exempt).  The main character of the stories is Katniss Everdean.  She is a 16 year old girl who supports her family hunting illegally.  She is from district 12(a poor coal mining town).  I don’t want to say much more because you will enjoy reading the entire series.

New Year’s Resolution 2012

I generally hate new years resolutions, because such a high failure rate, but I am actually going to make one this year. My resolution this year is to loose 50 pounds. I will use the scales at work so I do not have an official weight in. I am gonna set sub goals of 5 pounds a month. I think I can do better than this considering I have about 100 lbs to loose; however, I want to keep the goal easily reachable. Hopefully by keeping it easily reachable I can stick with it. Wish luck and I will try and post at least once a week to keep up with my progress.


What a good story. I’m sad that I just finished the last book. The book definately took some twists I wasn’t quite expecting. I just whats gonna happen to Alagaesia now that Eragon has left. I wonder if Murtaugh will come back. This definately has me hoping he writes a sequel series. Its hard to believe this guy is so young. I definately recommend this book as well as the rest of the series. Its a good read.